Monday, October 10, 2011

not me monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Linking up with today to share things that I certainly did NOT do this past week!

It wasn't me who was singing my son's favorite song in the shower.  I surely wouldn't have Thomas the Train's theme song stuck in my brain playing over and over.  I would not have been already on the second verse before realizing what I was singing.  No!  Not me!

I wouldn't have been working so hard at getting our bank deposit ready this morning and figuring out the cash we would need to fill our envelopes (Dave Ramsey style in this house) that I didn't take the silence from my children as a sign of trouble.  I wasn't my three year old had to jolt me from my extreme focus to ask for me to come get his baby brother.  I surely didn't find my 11 month old covered in diaper rash cream that he found in the diaper changing basket.  

It didn't leave my older son sitting in his nighttime pull-up a little too long this morning to realize that it was so full it overflowed, through his pajamas, soaking into the couch cushions.  Nope, not me!

While daddy went to a movie with some of his friends, it wasn't me who suggested we have our own movie night here at home.  I wouldn't suggest a movie so that my night would be easy and calm.  And I would never offer popcorn to my small child as incentive for him to buy into my movie night idea.  No way!  That wasn't me!  

It wouldn't be me who started a sentence in the last paragraph with and!  I learned years ago that that was not proper grammar.  It wouldn't be me who would still try pull it off and make it work.


  1. When I was baby-sitting last week, I got the baby up from her nap, just to realize that she had soaked all the way through her clothes and blanket.

    Too funny about your little guy covered in cream! That had to take awhile to try to get off!

  2. oh man and diaper cream is horrible to get off. I need to go change alot of paragraphs in my blog so they do not start with AND